for Africa and the Indian Ocean

“I will be very happy to support the idea of ‘Aircraft=Bridge’. It is indeed a very original idea that was never put in this vivid equation in the past.”  

Ato Girma Wake, ex-CEO, Ethiopian Airlines and current Chairman, Rwandair

“I agree with taking a wider view of infrastructure.”  

Andrew Maclean, Team Leader - Infrastructure, Energy and Basic Services, Private Sector Department, DFID

“Thanks for the CAFE documentation. Together we need to explore how we can implement the proposals contained therein.”  

Raphael Kuuchi, Commercial Director, African Airlines Association

“I find the topic of CAFE fascinating, both as an economic opportunity as well as a social/humanitarian necessity.”   Patrick M. Käufer, Managing Director, Capital Markets and Treasury Solutions, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.

“The concept is clear and well set out. It’s a commercially rational proposal. The Aircraft=Bridge (A=B) concept is catchy and apt.” 

Declan Treacy, Independent Director, Aircraft leasing companies

“The CAFE idea is great, it's an important tool for the region.”  

Paulo César de Souza e Silva, Executive Vice President, Airline Market, Embraer

“I fully support the idea of starting CAFE.”  

Titus Naikuni, Group Managing Director & Chief Executive, Kenya Airways

“I really believe you guys have a great thing going.”  

Patrick Gihana-Mulenga, Commercial Attaché, Rwanda High Commission (UK)

“Indeed, air transport should be a bridge connecting the globe.”  

Frank Ramsden, Minister of Transport, Botswana

“I am happy to advise you that I will support CAFE.”  

Kinfe Kahssaye, CEO, Air Nigeria

“This idea has legs.”  

Des Vertannes, Global Head of Cargo, IATA

“I get it.”  

Bob Geldof